Realise your dream outdoor space

comfort, functionality and world-class design

Comfort & Durability

As life gets faster and complex, the need for comfort and quality time, grows too. At Alaire we look in the long-term, offering you the best and most durable materials and techniques available to create luxury outdoor spaces.

Design & Individuality

Our offer's design and aesthetics enable our customers to create unique and luxury outdoor spaces that adapt to their individualities. Enjoy of world-class design that ranges among elegant and distinctive styles.

Quality & Safety

High quality materials and processes inspire our choice of furniture and accessories. We are highly concern about detail, product safety and the long life span of our products.

``Classy, classic and modern styles and above all, superbly comfortable. Our family has owned Alaire products for many years, and the quality and durability is exceptional despite the best efforts of rowdy children (and some guests) to create destruction. Maintenance is easy if required at all, and the quality of the products resists the wet winters and scorching summers. I am grateful to have been recommended to try Alaire and I am delighted with the pleasure it continues to bring to my family and friends. It has been a good investment for me. Luxury outdoor spaces like never before``
Mike O.
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Our wish is for you to enjoy of countless special moments outdoors.Live the good times outside.