5 decoration trends for 2023

Author: Marketing | Rita Agostinho

Monday, February 20th 2023

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It’s said that when times change so do wills, and with the arrival of the new year, it’s time to transform and renew.  If you need a reason to give your home a new look, we have a few good ones. Get to know the design trends for 2023 and get ready to create modern and stylish environments.

First, to start off any project, you should create a mood board with references of how you’d like your space to look. Then, get inspired by the 2023 decor trends.

 1) Comfortable and with personality

Nowadays, social networks have a strong influence on customers’ decisions. So, although the main element is comfort, there is a great demand for the personality/individuality of each space. After all, we continuously collect and share moments, which means we also seek inspiration regarding online spaces in order to create our own “instagrammable” spaces.

Therefore, to combine comfort with personality, everything must be taken into consideration: from the color palette to the lines and materials of the outdoor and indoor furniture, as well as the decorative elements.

2) Sustainable spaces with natural life

When considering comfort, it is fundamental to understand the importance of the choice of materials. Especially now when there is a need for spaces that take us outside and connect us with nature while transmitting a sense of tranquility.

Natural materials, sustainable furniture, and textiles are the most sought-after. In 2023, we are still following the trend of biophilic design – the use of green elements, either in patterns or even plants, to breathe even more life into a space.

At Alaire, we have several brands where you can find these and other elements. Some of them even have their own sustainability programs.

5 decor trends for 2023 - Sustainable spaces with natural life

3) Colors & Emotions

In the same way that plants bring life to a space, so do the colors used.  In recent times, neutral colors (even pastel shades) have been the most popular and will remain so. But starting now, they will be used to contrast and balance out with more vibrant colors.

After all, in 2023 we want more excitement and emotion!

Finally, although the passage of time brings change, in both fashion and design there is always a certain nostalgia. As a result, the use of vintage furniture, patterns, textures, vibrant colors, and gold in small details will stand out. After all, it is these differences that bring the desired personality to a space.

4) Objects that tell stories

Just as distinctive elements bring personality to a space, so does the use of objects with history.

Often we have at-home furniture that over time wears out or even becomes old-fashioned, but with the right treatment, painting, and changing around details, it is possible to give it a new life. And this is where sustainability pops up once again, creating a beautiful two-in-one.

Considered “vintage”, objects that have been part of your childhood or that of family members, are always excellent elements to infuse a space with a solid identity.

decor trends

5) Your home is your refuge

Finally, remember, your home is a space of contemplation, where you spend so much of your time and, of course, the most precious time, either alone or with your family. Make your home your refuge and make it a reflection and an expression of your lifestyle. So, even if you do follow the 2023 decor trends, be sure to follow your intuition and your heart as well.

Now that you have discovered the main decorating trends for 2023, how about starting to put into practice all the brilliant ideas you’ve already had? Do you need any help?

Then visit Alaire and find a team of experts who can help you develop your interior and exterior design project. In addition, we have over 50 brands with different types of furniture and many decorative accessories.

Learn more about our services and products at www.alaire.pt. For more information send us a request to loja@alaire.pt, call us at +351 214 846 092 or visit our showrooms in Sintra or Comporta.

Author: Marketing | Rita Agostinho
Monday, February 20th 2023
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