8 Essential Steps for Preserving Outdoor Furniture

How to maintain your outdoor furniture intact for years

Author: alaire

Wednesday, September 26th 2018

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8 Essential Steps for Preserving Your Outdoor Furniture

One of our main concerns with outdoor furniture is keeping it looking new while left to age naturally outside by being exposed to light, air and rain. In this article, we’ll go through 8 simple steps for preserving outdoor furniture in the long-term against the effects of the weathering process, all while using materials that cause minimal impact to the environment and human safety and comfort.

To preserve your furniture as good as new for many years, follow the steps below:

1. Using Protective Covers

Protective covers are the most effective for keeping furniture preserved outside year-round. Make sure your furniture is dry before covering for extended periods. However, even with covers, furniture will need some regular cleaning and maintenance.

If you intend to store your furniture over the winter, we recommend that you do so in a water-tight garden shed or garage. We normally advise to not move teak furniture from the garden straight into a heated indoor room for storage, as the sharp differences in temperature and humidity may cause the wood to split.

2. Cleaning prior and after storage

Before storing away or covering, a good clean and maintenance can help to protect and renew furniture after a season of hot sun and exposure to the elements. We recommend treatment before winter storage and at the beginning of the season when the furniture is put to regular use.



3. Choosing biodegradable and non-hazardous maintenance products

Select cleaning and maintenance products that are biodegradable and non-hazardous, making sure to use the appropriate product for the treated material. Golden Care has developed a wide range of cleaning and maintenance products for multiple surfaces, and all of these products are water-based and eco-safe. The Golden Care range is available at Alaire Portugal in Cascais and Comporta.


Golden Teak Cleaning


4. Using different treatments for different materials

There are many materials other than wood used these days for outdoor furniture including aluminum, wicker, textile, and artificial fibers. Each one requires a different product and different treatment process.


Steel Chair Manutti


Exposure to the elements can take a toll on your outdoor furniture. Quickly preserve or restore the shine of wooden furniture with the range of Golden Care products.

5. Cushion maintenance

At the end of the season, store cushions out of the weather. Make sure to clean and dry them thoroughly before putting them away. You also can buy waterproof bags for the cushions to further protect them.


6. Treating wood more regularly

Wood generally requires more regular treatment and protection to maintain its rich golden color. Most other materials simply need cleaning to keep their best aspect.


Golden Furniture Maintenance


7. Sanding for hardwoods

For hardwoods including teak, sanding may be the first step to removing the build-up of dirt and stains. This can be followed by careful application of a cleaning product to remove mold and mildew and then a protector or shield should you wish to give a longer life to the colour and grain.


teak Furniture Maintenance


8. The frequency of furniture maintenance

How often your furniture will require cleaning and protecting depends on the climate you live in and proximity to the sea. Alaire Portugal can help with a maintenance plan for your outdoor furniture. Contact us for personalised support on how to best preserve your outdoor furniture, and also have a look at our range of cleaning products from Golden Care.


Furniture Maintenance Alaire


Author: alaire
Wednesday, September 26th 2018
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