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Living beautifully since 1998.

Living beautifully since 1998.

Alaire is spaces with soul

Outdoor living has been the essence of Alaire since day one, and as modern living began to blend indoor and outdoor, we launched Alaire Interiors, expanding our home decorating and furnishing solutions. With our doors flung wide open, transitioning seamlessly from the outside in and back again, we live, breathe, design and decorate incredible spaces.

Always with passion. Always with great taste and a keen eye. Always with comfort and versatility. Always with room for you and your dreams.

Creative vision every step of the way.

Meet the founders

The heart, soul and vision behind Alaire, Ilan and Annabel Feld have always been moved by dedicated design, fabulous furniture and low-key luxury décor, combining the three to create stunning living spaces.


The way they envision and design is an ode to slowing down and truly enjoying your surroundings, to conscious living and fulfillment, to quality and wellbeing, to proximity and sustainability.


With an intuitive know-how for curating the most iconic brands and pieces in the world, they always have dreamy spaces on their minds.

Stunning spaces to relax, entertain and, above all, enjoy life in.

Our team

We are a quiet luxury lifestyle brand with a creative team of thinkers, designers, decorators and builders who thrive on bringing to life spaces that are unique and welcoming, that tell amazing stories and are the foundation for unforgettable memories – yours.


Our team is all about simple and beautiful, easy and functional, and we offer full-service tailored projects that include design concept and 3D rendering, with furniture, lighting and décor solutions. Project execution contemplates delivery and comprehensive installation, as well as ongoing maintenance and support.


Our projects are pondered, our solutions are solid. A beautiful balance between design and function, innovation and timelessness, because experiencing a space with soul is everything.

Outdoor Living. Interiors. Design Services. Hospitality & Trade. Home Staging & Rentals.

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