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Everything is unique when you
are content and carefree.

Everything is unique when you are content and carefree.

Uniqueness is what life is all about.

There is something absolutely unique about outdoor living. Hosting dinner parties, reading a book, savoring a cup of coffee, playing a board game, listening to music, picking flowers, simply lounging and enjoying the sun or the shade, alone or in your favorite company. When you’re outside, nature heightens every one of your senses, intensifying every single moment, creating days filled with memorable experiences. This is the very essence of Diphano – unique and unforgettable snippets of life where every second counts. A breath of fresh air. Just like you.

Contemporary and cool, Diphano is all heart and soul when it comes to unique outdoor furniture: designing and producing it with a detail and décor-oriented approach, setting it up perfectly and enjoying it fully. Only years of research, expertise and great Belgian taste can create high-end functional collections with comfort and durability, for a truly special garden, terrace or patio.


This is unique, luxurious, fabulous coziness.
This is outdoor living for every mood.
This is Diphano.

Hello unique outdoor spaces, hello Diphano.

What does uniqueness feel like?

It feels lavish and lighthearted.
It feels carefree and captivating.
It feels original and one-of-a-kind.

The first impression of any Diphano collection is always unique because their approachable design is undeniable and their durable materials are remarkable. With a dark and light color scheme and a gorgeous range of unexpected materials, every piece of outdoor furniture is breezy and light, stackable and adaptable, weatherproof and waterproof, family-friendly and maintenance-friendly.

When you are immersed in a Diphano outdoor living atmosphere, it feels like you’re on cloud nine by day, and over the moon by night.

Outdoor uniqueness. Discover yours.


Best-selling in Portugal

Whether you’re seeking outdoor living furniture with clean and contemporary lines, or a more traditional and romantic design, Diphano décor is always distinctive, always waiting to bring your space to life and life to your space.



Selecta Table

Exclusive. Easygoing. Extraordinary.

Outdoor Opportunities

The Diphano collections are comprehensive and scalable, envisioned to transform any outdoor area into a unique living space: gorgeous dining, bistro, coffee and side tables, paired with the perfect chairs, barstools and benches, side-by-side with comfy poufs, loungers, daybeds and sofa sets.



Dare to be unique. Dare to be Diphano.

Newport Collection

Pure Table

Designers’ Favorites

Highlighting teak, ceramics, upholstered fabric, rope and so many other innovative materials, Diphano boasts the perfect mix & match vibe with collections like Cubic, Ray, Pure and Icon, which are reason enough to redecorate an entire outdoor living space A.S.A.P. Alaire is here to help you make it happen.


Ready to discover how exclusive an outdoor space can really be?

Become unique with Diphano in our showroom. Drop us a line regarding any Diphano product or schedule an appointment with our project team.