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Saving you a spot in the shade.

Saving you a spot in the shade.

Out of the sun in style.

In a country bathed in sun practically year round, even in Portugal we sometimes need to escape to the shade. Glatz knows how good that encounter with a cool, fresh spot feels in the middle of a hot summer day with an ice-cold beverage, a good book or a moment to unwind, a moment to simply chill.


Swiss designed and produced, Glatz creates innovative, high-quality shading solutions that not only look good, but feel good and do good – the ultimate protection against sun and wind, the luxurious enjoyment of outdoor living.


125 years of creating plush parasols and refreshing shade will make sure of that.

A secular dedication to the art of producing gorgeous and reliable parasols has ultimately created a product that is not only timeless, but also stands the test of time. Since day one, Glatz has exceeded itself in perfecting design, function, mobility, customization and maintenance. The result? The most beautiful parasols your garden, patio or balcony have ever seen.


Tradition and innovation have made Glatz the leading parasol manufacturer in the world and it’s easy to see why. Ergonomic and adaptable, manual or motorized, windproof and waterproof, superior quality fabrics and secure fastening technology, customized solutions and even unexpected accessories such as built-in LED lights or heating, taking parasols from day to night and back to day.


Laid-back outdoor living? Glatz has you completely covered.

Parasols that last a lifetime.

Sun, shade and sophistication

There’s a clear difference between a parasol that collapses at the hint of a breeze and the one that endures season after season, always sharp, always sophisticated. These exclusive parasols are conceived for large or small outdoor spaces, for residential or commercial areas, for terraces and rooftops, for the seaside or the countryside, for a contemporary city balcony or a sprawling urban café, for designer hotels and luxurious restaurants…


Look up, it’s probably a Glatz parasol keeping you and yours cool and comfortable.

Elegant. Steady. Timeless.

Embracing shade since 1895

Leading the way in parasol perfection since 1895, Glatz has 19 different models, in various sizes – including the unique giant parasol – and 70 colors to choose from, which means there are over 20,000 possible combinations. Nobody takes shade as seriously as Glatz.

Built to shade. Built to last.

If you think there isn’t much to consider when considering a parasol, think again. When it comes to balancing sun and shade, before choosing your favorite Glatz, be sure to contemplate the 3 fundamentals for superior sun protection.


As outdoor living enthusiasts, we’re here to give you a hand, keeping you refreshed and relaxed.




The bigger the parasol the more shade right? Sure, but a large parasol is not always the right solution. Choosing the ideal Glatz parasol means assessing the space comprehensively: dimensions, surface area, layout, spatial organization and conditions, existing furniture, usage and frequency of use.



Protection and safety are key when it comes to Glatz parasols, which means a great shading solution should always take into account: where the sun rises and sets, how many hours of daily sunlight the space receives, habitual weather conditions and influences, what areas require more and less shade, UV ray and wind protection, set up, handling and maintenance. A parasol is so much more than a parasol.








When it comes to outdoor living, mood and ambiance are everything, including parasol selection… and this is the fun part! Choosing frames, fabrics and materials that are in sync with your existing environment, architecture and outdoor furniture will ensure that your parasol will blend in harmoniously with your open air area.


Domestic, professional and F-line shading solutions:

for any space or location, for every single one of your requirements.

70 colors
to choose from.

Ready to Glatz up?

When it comes to superior shading comfort, we’ve got you covered. Visit our showroom or schedule an appointment with our project team.