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The art of outdoor cooking.

Outdoor cooking that is sizzling with flair, flavor & fun.

Great moments always start with fire.

Nothing is more welcoming than a warm sunny day in Portugal. The plan? Head outside to your gorgeous garden or patio, set a lovely table, cook a great meal on the open flame, host friends, laugh, chat, reminisce, and do it all over again, all year round.


A stunning outdoor décor piece, the OFYR is an intuitive wood-fired, plancha-style cooking unit that is an invitation to gather your favorite people around the fire and prepare the most delicious dishes together.


A new way of cooking.
A new way of enjoying outdoor living.
Alaire shows you the way.

OFYR sets itself apart with its warm and sophisticated personality. We consider outdoor moments a true luxury, value conviviality, and enjoy great stories. Above all, OFYR values high-quality food and great ambience.


OFYR is the leading brand for high-end outdoor cooking appliances and offers a complete design kitchen concept for outdoors. With passion and enthusiasm, we transform outdoor cooking into a more meaningful experience, tailored to today’s trends and needs. Our goal is to bring people together, inspire them, create moments of connection around the fire and explore new ways of cooking.


Our ancestors taught us well.
Their legacy lives on beautifully with OFYR.

Connecting over fire,
food and friends.

OFYR elevates the art of outdoor
cooking in Portugal

From essential to professional units, OFYR’s minimalist design creates maximalist outdoor cooking and hospitality moments, while effortlessly blending in with any exterior décor. Keep it simple or mobile, add unique furniture to create an even more inviting space, upgrade your accessories for a full outdoor cooking experience that both you and your guests will never forget.


Enchanted with OFYR? Yes. Now it’s time to enjoy.

OFYR Starter Kit

If you love being outdoors and hosting family and friends around a delicious meal, but feel that something’s missing, OFYR is the ideal addition to your outdoor living space, aesthetically and practically speaking. Get ready to connect with OFYR alongside this picture-perfect kit.




OFYR Lover Kit

If you spend every possible minute outside soaking up the sun, cooking delightful recipes over the fire and sharing stories under the stars, your heart already belongs to OFYR and will continue to beat strong and openly with this optimal kit.

OFYR Pro Kit

An expert in building a fire and fanning the flames of flavor and good times, this is an outstanding member of the OFYR club for life – the type of enthusiast that divides their time between connecting other outdoor cooking lovers and daydreaming about the newest addition to an already outstanding kit that just keeps getting better and better.

Let's OFYR

OFYR is so much more than a premium cooking unit and unforgettable moments spent around the fire with friends and flavors – it is a complete experience. When you join the OFYR club, your experience expands and enriches. In addition to registering your product and always being the first to hear the latest OFYR news, you’ll also have direct access to exclusive recipes, tips, events, and other great member benefits.


Outdoor cooking never looked, sounded or tasted so good.

Ready to fire up your outdoor cooking?

Then you’re ready for OFYR.

The art of outdoor cooking starts here. Let’s OFYR.