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An obsession called outdoor cooking.

An obsession called outdoor cooking.

Get ready to bastard-proof your backyard.

The Bastard has arrived in Portugal. And we’re saluting it with 300 days of sunshine, our love of succulent meat and clinking beer bottles with friends while the grill is smoking hot.


With state-of-the-art Dutch design and the seal of approval of renowned chefs (and other BBQ Bastards worldwide), The Bastard is not just a ceramic BBQ, also known as kamado – it’s the ultimate outdoor cooking experience. Gorgeous to look at, cool to cook with and easy to maintain, it’s as versatile as it is functional, which means whether the recipe calls for grilling, baking, smoking or braising, The Bastard always delivers.


Exclusively available at Alaire, because just like The Bastard, the Portuguese also take outdoor cooking very seriously.

If you’re always looking for an excuse to fire up the grill and prepare a delicious meal, quickly and authentically, The Bastard ceramic BBQ has your name written all over it. Bastards not only take outdoor cooking seriously, they take it to a whole new level. Getting started is half the fun with a simple set up and trying out cool accessories. Experimenting with temperatures and cooking times means meat, fish and vegetables gain exciting new flavors. Tasting, sharing and entertaining are the delicious outcome that doesn’t end here. Once you get your hands on The Bastard, you’ll be cooking outdoors any and every chance you get. It’s that good.


Grill. Perfect. Enjoy. Repeat.
Have fun, you bastard.


The recipe for true bastardness

It doesn’t matter if you’re a rookie Bastard, a seasoned Bastard or a hotshot Bastard – because Bastards are focused on one thing only: great outdoor cooking with an authentic ceramic BBQ. Because when it comes to being a true BBQ-loving Bastard, half the fun is the act of cooking, the other half is tasting and licking your fingers clean.


Whether it’s a simple or complex recipe, The Bastard will get it done. And it will be legendary.

The Apprentice

The Apprentice is that BBQ-afficionado that is used to a seat at the table,
but has decided it’s time to step up to the grill and experience outdoor cooking as it should be.

For the eager apprentice whose mouth is watering just thinking about it all, this is the perfect starter pack.


The Bastard Silicone Tongs
The Bastard Thermal Gloves

The Explorer

The Explorer knows his way around any and every type of BBQ and is always looking for the next best thing.
Well, here it is. 

For this experienced outdoor cook who can already smell that perfect char,
this is the seasoned pack you should have your eyes and your appetite on.

The Perfectionist

The Perfectionist lives, breathes, eats and sweats BBQ, and can most probably grill a steak to perfection with his eyes closed.

Every single one of his five senses are heightened to such a level of genius that for the most skillful of outdoor cooks, only a master pack matters.

Years of grilling experience

The Bastard has been perfecting their secret sauce for over a decade now and each key ingredient has been tried, tested and perfected, and that’s why everyone who loves outdoor cooking will love The Bastard.


In addition to its culinary versatility, it offers a wide range of models and sizes, which means you’ll be BBQ-ing your heart out wherever you please – on a city balcony, at a beach house, a deck in the mountains, or even in a professional kitchen. And there’s more: every single one of these Bastards is fully loaded and built to last with only the very best ceramic materials and a lifelong guarantee.


Plus, the community.



Rare. Medium-Rare. Medium. Medium-Well. Well-Done.

The Bastard way.

Your way.

Find your inner Bastard.

We’re here to help in any way we can: researching, prepping, grilling, eating.