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EMU Italian Furniture – Expertise Since 1951

Are you looking to redesign your Hotel, Restaurant, or residential outdoor space? Alaire, in collaboration with EMU, can help you achieve this to the highest standards in outdoor space design. Our combined experience and broad-ranging catalog allow us to provide you with practical solutions for your specific, complex, and unique needs in the Hospitality and residential sectors, which truly stand […]

How to design an outdoor space

Summer is around the corner, and we come around to the question, “How to design an outdoor space?” Fear not, Unopiù has something to say about this!   The Spring ushers in a wave of newness. The air becomes warmer and, this beautiful season brings with it the desire to spend as much time as possible outdoors. How can we best […]

Get ready for summer with Glatz

Get ready for summer with Glatz The importance of a quality sunshade The warm weather is returning, and with it, more than ever, the chance to live the outdoors. Don’t forget to get ready for summer with Glatz. Nowadays, the safest way to entertain family and friends is by comfortably hosting them outdoors, for a meal, drinks or fun. It […]

Feel the Freedom with KIDA

Discover the new Kida and feel the freedom There is nothing better than feeling the freedom while relaxing and being touched by a gentle breeze in the face.   Alaire is delighted to present the latest novelty, KIDA, Dedon’s new hanging lounge chair. Wrapped in 834 meters of Dedon Fiber Touch, rather than woven in the traditional style, KIDA was […]

Parasol – Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

Tips to keep your parasol flawless for longer Did you know that your Parasol can be used all year, to protect you from the sun during spring/summer and to shelter you from the rain in autumn/winter? Depending on the dimensions of the parasol some models offer a solution to add lighting and/or heating. However, over time, signs of wear can […]

Grilling through the Fall

Keeping your Barbecue in tip top shape will allow you to keep grilling outdoors all year long The long hot days of summer are drawing to a close but that doesn’t mean your grilling season has to end. However, after a summer of outdoor entertaining, it is likely your barbecue has been put through it’s paces. And is in need […]

Now introducing the best outdoor furniture in Comporta

Have you ever dreamt of endless white sand beaches in the midst of dense forests and the Atlantic ocean? A beach cafe, chilled ambient music, and beautifully designed interiors and exteriors? That is Comporta, a real oasis. Comporta now welcomes Alaire’s outdoor furniture.