Vilamoura Marina: Blending indoors and outdoors

Design of indoor and outdoor solutions for Mayflower and Costa Coffee Restaurants

Author: alaire

Wednesday, March 21st 2018

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Blending the indoors and the outdoors in Vilamoura Marina

The distinction between indoor and outdoor spaces is no longer what it used to be. In fact, designers and hospitality managers increasingly seek to blur the lines between outdoor and indoor areas. In Alaire, our clients are increasingly turning to all weather furniture. This is to ease and improve the management of their spaces. Since seamless indoor-outdoor transition offers the same comforts and conveniences as the same room inside doors, it helps double the available space. That is all while enjoying the huge benefits of being connected to the great outdoors.

By way of example, the restaurants Mayflower, and Costa Coffee at the Vilamoura Marina (the first and still the largest Marina in Portugal, at the heart of Algarve) seek to blend their indoor and outdoor space. This adaptation responds to the needs and growing demands of its users to spend quality time outdoors. Committed to offering the highest standards of service and hospitality, these restaurants are now using Alaire products. This is namely, Alaire’s indoor and outdoor furniture and shade solutions for both for their indoor and outdoor areas.  That means that when they have events, they can take chairs from either indoor or outdoor and join it to the rest.

Alaire in&out solutions for Vilamoura Marina

For Vilamoura, the furniture choice came from our brand GardenArt. This brand offers not only a great quality design furniture at very affordable prices but also a wide range of colour combination and stock all year round. In the same way, the aluminum/ sling combination allows easy use; no need for cushions; provides light; little maintenance; in all, a great choice for hospitality.  The Parasols used are from our brand Glatz, Swiss made leaders, known for their strength, durability, design, and quality.

As previously stated, being able to merge your indoor and outdoor living spaces seamlessly can offer you tremendous benefits. Establishing smooth flow between the two means that you can virtually double the floor space of your home by simply opening a sliding door or two. By doing this, you’ll be able to host more guests, enjoy the luxury of more living space, and reap the psychological benefits of being more connected with the great outdoors.

Author: alaire
Wednesday, March 21st 2018
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