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The best material and craftsmanship

Dedon mission is taking Outdoor Furniture to the next level, creating icons for the outdoors. Having revolutionized the outdoor furniture business, DEDON continues to set the standard for quality, artistry, innovation and design.
Researched, developed, manufactured and tested at our state-of-the-art production facilities in northern Germany, environmentally-friendly DEDON fiber is unrivaled for strength, durability, weather fastness and luxuriousness of color, texture and touch. Our fiber is recyclable and non-toxic, burning as cleanly as candle wax.


For those who demand the best, DEDON is the obvious choice. Working exclusively with the master craftspeople of Cebu Island, Philippines, with world-renowned weaving skills, DEDON assures an high-quality standard.


We collaborate with some of the world’s leading designers, involving them deeply in the R&D process, creating special fibers for them, developing new weaves and more. The result is an award-winning portfolio of innovative and exclusive designs available in an array of product categories, styles, colors and finishes.


DEDON products are resistant against all weather conditions and UV exposure (our fiber is 10-years UV-tested).


Under normal conditions of use, DEDON Fiber and all DEDON furniture made exclusively of aluminum frames and DEDON Fiber (excluding cushions and glass) are covered by a five-year warranty against any manufacturing defect.

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Our best-sellers

Alaire | Mbrace by Dedon | Dining Table and Chairs | Outdoor Furniture

MBRACE by Sebastian Herkner takes a joyfully unconventional approach to poolside furniture, bringing DEDON Fiber seating and a solid teak base together for the very first time. The result is an eye-catching, instantly likable collection for lounging, dining and more. MBRACE captures the spirit of barefoot luxury while extending the design language into new, more Nordic territory.

Alaire | Swingrest by Dedon | Hanging Chair | Luxury Outdoor Furniture

While it shares half of its name and much of its basket-like structure with DEDON´s iconic NESTREST, designer Daniel Pouzet´s creation, SWINGREST, is in a class all its own. From its rotating tabletop to its elegant suspension system, SWINGREST is the ultimate hanging sofa, perfect for suspending on a terrace or veranda, or even indoors.

Alaire | Orbit by Dedon | Loveseat

The ORBIT love seat is the original icon of modern outdoor furniture design. A sensation from the moment it launched, this multiple-awards-winner by Richard Frinier continues to delight, surprise and inspire more than a decade later. Indeed, its timeless design, generous proportions, easy mobility and meticulous hand-craftsmanship will never go out of style.

Alaire | Seax by Dedon | Director Chairs | Outdoor Furniture

SEAX stands for elegance and modernity. Distinguished by its meticulous attention to detail, wealth of innovative design solutions and alluring array of materials, colors and textures, this award-winning collection could only be the work of French designer Jean-Marie Massaud. SEAX comprises folding armchairs, folding lounge chairs and footstools, as well as an array of dining and coffee tables.

Three reasons to buy DEDON

100% quality

We apply stringent quality controls at every step of our furniture production. Unique in the outdoor industry, we own and control both our fiber production in Germany and our furniture manufacturing in the Philippines. While other brands outsource to distant suppliers, DEDON lovingly oversees every aspect of our woven products’ creation, from design to delivery, ensuring levels of quality and value that can’t be matched.

Environmental friendliness

DEDON sets the industry standard for environmental friendliness. Our fiber is 100-percent recyclable and sustainably manufactured, polluting neither groundwater nor the ozone. And we produce zero waste across the entire DEDON supply chain, recycling everything down to the aluminum shavings. But creating products of such exceptional quality they last for decades, this might be our most sustainable feat of all.

Ease of maintenance

Our products are maintenance-free and easy to clean. Thanks to high quality materials that we use, DEDON products are resistant against all weather conditions and UV exposure, and are made to last an eternity. They only require a periodic cleaning with a soft cloth and warm water, when needed, to keep them in pristine conditions.

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