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Crafted & quality controlled in house for over 70 years

The Italian company that has become an international symbol for outdoor furniture.
With its strong Italian roots, over its 70 years of history, EMU has developed an international awareness and interest that make its outside furniture collections suitable for every situation, both in the business and the private sector, in settings with different styles, from Northern Europe to Australia, from European Mediterranean countries to North America, from South America to Asian countries.


An Italian philosophy founded on craftsmanship and creativity focused on developing comfortable Italian furniture designs. As a result, EMU has become an international point of reference in the furniture and outdoor design market.


EMU products find their natural definition in outdoor and indoor contexts, mainly thanks above all to their wide range of colors and fabrics that can enrich the most diverse furniture needs with different styles.


Our products are produced, assembled, and shipped from EMU facilities, benefitting from a solid knowledge of metalworking as our primary quality. EMU implements this design method throughout the entire supply chain. View video here!


The choice of raw materials and its finishes balances the need for high-performance standards with the importance of design and aesthetic finish. EMU products have a high durability performance over time, up to 20 years.

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New Collections 2024

Our best-sellers

Plus4 collection is made up of extendible tables: one with sizes 160+110x 90 cm and another one with sizes 220+110×90 cm, the new Balcony Tables and Imperial Plus4 Tables. The surface is made of press-formed steel, with careful work to the finishes for a better aesthetic effect.

Round is a collection defined by its search for structural balance and soft lines, an outdoor space interpretation that conveys stylistic but essential refinement. Clean and basic shapes mark the rich range of tables that make up this collection. Rounded shapes for chairs to sit in great comfort.

Large dimensions and a comfortable contour are the main features of Snooze. The frame is made in tubular steel and comes in different colors to match the variations in the cloth. The new Cozy deckchair, designed for both in-and outdoor use, is in synthetic knit and microfiber.

EMU | Outdoor/Indoor Inspiration

Attractive shapes and large dimensions characterize the Terramare collection by Chiaramonte/ Marin studio, designed to create cozy and personal settings both indoors and out. As a result, we offer a complete range of furniture for dining and living areas, where the main feature is the die-cast aluminum core, a unique detail.

Three reasons to buy EMU

Top quality

EMU stands out for its commitment to quality control in every step of furniture production. We check every aspect of the creation of the product, from design to delivery, in addition, to guarantee high levels of quality and value.

Eco sustainability

EMU constantly studies and plans new actions to reduce its impact on the environment and take on a socially conscious position. Our materials are recyclable and environmentally sustainable.


Thanks to the high quality of the raw materials that go through specific pretreatments and treatments, EMU products are made to last for a long time, even when exposed to harsher weather conditions.

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