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Italian exterior designers since 1978

Irreplaceable items for those who desire outdoor relaxation and tranquillity on a lush lawn, the beach, or poolside.


Unopiù was founded in the heart of Tuscia over forty years ago. The company’s mission is to furnish every outdoor area of the home with the same care and passion as is dedicated to the indoors, conceiving and creating elegant functional spaces where relaxing inspirational moments may be enjoyed in true Italian style.


Today the fusion between outdoor and indoor style is more and more evident, although the outdoor product must seek and use materials with unique characteristics for outdoor durability. Unopiù materials are always chosen for their incomparable quality of resistance to all weather conditions, even the most extreme.


Teak has always been the preferred material for the creation of outdoor furniture, thanks to its excellent robustness and resistance to weather conditions. Unopiù uses the best “A Grade” quality teak, fully respecting eco-sustainability procedures. Teak is not only recyclable but also truly renewable. Unopiù purchases all its teak furniture in Indonesia, the nation that has the largest and oldest certified teak plantation in the world.


Unopiù has sought to continually update the world of outdoor furnishing, uniting style, innovation, research and passion. Every product launched is the fruit of a concept whose roots are consolidated in decades of history. The choice of innovative materials and manufacture bears witness to the determination to pursue continuous innovation with constant technological progress.

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Our best-sellers

Unopiù Àgora Collection

The extreme comfort of the modular Agorà Collection is guaranteed by the generous depth of the seats. The Colour Collection, with its infinite world of colours and finishings, allows a personal choice of cushions for this collection, making it even more elegant and exclusive.

Unopiù Welcome Collection

While it shares half of its name and much of its basket-like structure with DEDON’s iconic NESTREST, designer Daniel Pouzet’s creation, SWINGREST, is in a class of its own. From its rotating tabletop to its elegant suspension system, SWINGREST is the ultimate hanging sofa, perfect for suspending on a terrace, veranda, or even indoors.

Unopiù Shibuya Collection

Shibuya is the first mobile pergola in the world. Thanks to its wheels, it has revolutionized the very principle of the structure by introducing the concept of dynamism. It is composed of two cubic units that offer various levels of mobility and flexibility, adapting to any requirements.

Unopiù Swing Collection

Heat curved slats give the chaise-longue a sinuous aspect and a particularly relaxing ergonomic form, which also extends to the table with a glass or teak top, and the practical multifunctional stool.

Three reasons to choose Unopiù

Italian art & style

For Unopiù, to design and develop projects means to interpret the history and evolution of outdoor living in Italy and Europe, representing the stylistic soul and raw materials that have distinguished the company over the years. Currently, being
contemporary means understanding the project tensions of today while not forgetting that when we speak of rapport with outdoor areas, our roots and traditions must not be overlooked. It is for this reason that all of Unopiù’s collections are created with precise DNA, consistent with the forty-plus-year history of the company. Unopiù – the Italian idea of perfection.

Innovative interpretations

The research and use of new materials that are perfectly suited to design aesthetics, optimum comfort, and accessibility, are the stylistic code of Unopiù: not just design for its own sake, but design aimed at improving the customer’s life with innovative user-friendly solutions. Furnishings with refined design that are comfortable and perfect for simplifying outdoor living, produced with the guarantee of durable quality and whose design is always on trend.


All Unopiù products are designed by qualified professionals from the company’s Research and Development Department or are signed by important designers who have collaborated with Unopiù over the years, such as Adam Tihany, Ferruccio Laviani, Meneghello Paolelli Associati, Michele Bönan, Paola Navone, Marco Acerbis, Matteo Thun, Andreucci & Hoisl, Carlo Martino, Studio Adolini, Marco Piva.

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