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Vanguard in & out furniture made with passion

Vondom wants to be so much more than just a designer furniture brand. They believe they are sufficiently committed and responsible for ensuring a better, more sustainable future. Eco-intelligence is part of their values. A philosophy based on creating unique, exclusive, and timeless pieces using sustainable, recycled, and recyclable materials based on a firm commitment to innovation and the future.


A sophisticated soul. A vanguard spirit. The Vondom essence can be found in more than 80 countries. Their design culture is expanding and sought after in many places, which is what has allowed them to grow exponentially. They currently have two flagship stores, ten single-brand showrooms, and many shops across the globe.


At Vondom, research and innovation are used to develop high precision technology and create more sustainable materials. Respect for the environment is in their DNA. The brand's production systems challenge the here and now to move into a unique terrain of future engineering. A know-how that is shared at workshops, conferences, exhibitions, and events.


Design culture is the key to success. Vondom creates a dialogue between environment and form, and their pieces transform the simplest space into an ambiance filled with glamour, both unique and extraordinary. This is what it’s all about: creating atmospheres where we can take hold of life and feel that we are here to live and enjoy it, surrounded by beauty.


The brand travels the world to find the best ambassadors of the Vondom spirit. Renowned designers and architects from all over, it doesn’t matter where. What counts is their passion for shapes, culture, and the vanguard. They transform each piece of furniture into an exclusively “Vondom” mode of expression.

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Vondom - Vanguard In & Out Furniture

The Tablet collection, designed by Ramon Esteve, links new technologies and flexibility to the versatility of a sectional composition, creating a program based on duality, identity and integration. Its character blends with the space and adapts itself to it. The collection’s construction, based on polyurethane foam with a metallic structure upholstered with polypropylene fabric, makes Tablet a perfect collection both for indoor and outdoor spaces, thanks to its sophisticated aesthetic and finishing.

VONDOM- Vanguard In & Out Furniture - Ibiza

The Ibiza collection, by Eugeni Quitllet, is the first collection made with recovered recycled plastic from the Mediterranean sea. According to Eugeni, “every idea comes from the light and the sea, as life does” and “from the ephemeral beauty of a season to an everlasting piece to keep this moment of a dream in a permanent frame”. By observing the plastic objects brought by the sea, like artificial shells, Eugeni was inspired to create a unique collection made up of recycled plastics from the island. Ibiza is an emotional state of mind. Together with Vondom, this dream has become true: the Ibiza eco-collection was born.

The white wooden fences lining the beach, the small strips that follow each other, in their perfect geometry. This is the image that inspired the Spritz collection, which is composed by stolen details from this inspiration. Chair, armchair, stool, and high table: perfect for every need, the Spritz collection adapts well to any context, hospitality, and home. It’s not a coincidence that Spritz, the collection created by Archirivolto for Vondom, embodies in its name the idea of freshness and purity of shapes. Rigorous shapes that connect home and world, with a kaleidoscope of variations and nuances: this mix between the linearity of northern European style and the typical warmth of the Mediterranean creates a dialogue between indoor and outdoor.

Marquis originates from the inspiration of diamond cutting: its polygonal design recalls facets created through cutting. The clear and stylish shapes make a huge visual impact. Circular or oval, and in two combinations of colours, they give a space great dynamism. The continual search to come up with something different allows Vondom to create items with a very smart look, that are at the same time surprising thanks to their geometric designs.

Three reasons to choose Vondom


Vondom doesn’t understand innovation as a simple work tool, but rather as the opportunity to do something different. Vondom is a project that has created a demand where one did not exist, as well as technologies, a work system, values, a lifestyle, a culture, a brand, a concept, and ultimately, a universe with its own name. Making Vondom the Vanguard In & Out furniture made with passion.


Vondom develops innovative 360º marketing and communication, promotion, and R&D&I strategies. Their clients are more than just a target group: they actively take part in the Vondom project, guiding them towards success and, ultimately, are the beneficiaries and natural partners to whom their messages, focus, and attention are addressed. Alongside them, the brand seeks to establish a bond of understanding, mottos, alliances, and loyalty.


An important part of Vondom’s success is due to the quality raw materials and additives used in production. To achieve special effects and finishes for some of their colours, the brand has researched and implemented the addition of chemical compounds, as well as unique Easy Clean segments for polyethylene that facilitate cleaning and maintenance. Recently, they have been using a water-repellent treatment in polyurethane injection pieces to increase resistance to extreme weather conditions.

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