Tailor-made hotel spaces in Cidadela Cascais

Custom indoor and outdoor furniture at Hotel Fortaleza Da Cidadela

Author: alaire

Monday, March 26th 2018

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Tailor-made indoor and outdoor spaces for Cidadela Cascais

Hotels are all about providing an excellent experience for guests. From the moment a guest enters the lobby – or maybe even when they pull up to the entrance to check in – the vacation or business event begins. A significant part of that experience is the ambiance and décor that surrounds your guests. From architectural features, artwork to the furniture in the lobby, restaurants, terraces, guest rooms, and more. Indoor and outdoor furniture is one of the most critical aspects that contribute to the look and feel of any hotel. And it is indeed so for the hotel spaces of Hotel Fortaleza Da Cidadela Cascais, also known as Pousada de Cascais.

Together with Dueto Architects and the Pestana Group, Alaire embarked with Hotel Fortaleza Da Cidadela in the mission to make this hotel’s indoor and outdoor spaces the perfect fusion of Portuguese Heritage and modern look and feel.

The Pousada of Cascais – Hotel Fortaleza Da Cidadela

The Pousada of Cascais opened in Spring 2012. It is located within the walls of the 16th-century Citadel in the centre of this delightful coastal town. The Citadel and the inner Fortress of Our Lady of Light (Nossa Senhora da Luz) were used between the 15th and 17th centuries for defending the Portuguese coast and the mouth of the River Tagus. In the 19th century, the Citadel was the summer residence of the royal family. This beautifully restored Hotel in Cascais perfectly combines the ancient with modern. The Hotel Fortaleza Da Cidadela, in the Lisbon area, has 126 rooms, including 18 suites. Many of the rooms are located in the former military barracks. Others, more modern, enjoy spectacular views of the sea or over the large internal courtyards.

Alaire indoor and outdoor solution for the Hotel Fortaleza Da Cidadela

Teamed with the Pestana Group and Duetos Architects, Alaire equipped outdoor and indoor areas of this Hotel. The outdoor areas included room terraces, courtyard, pool areas, lounge areas. Similarly, the indoor areas were the restaurant, the lobby and the indoor pool.

We used in general, modern-style furniture to create a beautiful contrast with the historic surroundings. Supported by the team of architects, we designed and produced custom-made products in our Asian factories. These mostly consisted of stainless steel structures with synthetic rattan fillings. In this project, we used among other brands: Europlust and Glatz.

At Alaire, we believe there are many reasons why custom furniture could be the right choice for your hotel. It is your opportunity to make a mark and set your property apart while maintaining the exact look and feel you want. If you take pride in providing high-quality service to your guests, why wouldn’t you want to control one of the most important aspects that contribute to the guest experience? With Alaire custom furniture, you can monitor the entire process of production and make sure it fits your standards, taste, and needs. And also provide feedback and make changes if necessary.



Author: alaire
Monday, March 26th 2018
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