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EMU can help you develop practical solutions for specific, complex, and unique needs in the Hospitality and residential sectors, which truly stand out.

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Monday, May 16th 2022

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Are you looking to redesign your Hotel, Restaurant, or residential outdoor space?

Alaire, in collaboration with EMU, can help you achieve this to the highest standards in outdoor space design. Our combined experience and broad-ranging catalog allow us to provide you with practical solutions for your specific, complex, and unique needs in the Hospitality and residential sectors, which truly stand out. 

Expertise, design, and service

Durability, design, and practicality represent the added value of EMUproducts, a universal brand recognized worldwide as synonymous with reliability. Furniture solutions ideally respond to every contract style and setting thanks to their transversal design, variety of materials, and a broad range of available colors.

EMU furniture is distinguished by its excellent performance because every element is designed to be resistant to heavy use in contract environments, such as typical wear and tear and the most adverse weather conditions. Furthermore, longevity is in line with the company’s sustainability principles, guaranteed by long-standing expertise in metal processing and protection, and by its 100% Made in Italy production philosophy.


EMU collections are developed in collaboration with some of the most renowned international designers, including Arik Levy, Christophe Pillet, Paola Navone, Patricia Urquiola, Jean Marie Massaud, Stefan Diez, Jean Nouvel, Samuel Wilkinson, Chiaramonte/Marin, Florent Coirier, Sebastian Herkner, Lucidi/Pevere, Patrick Norguet, and more recently Emanuel Gargano/Anton Cristell and the Angeletti Ruzza studio, through a continuous exchange of experiences and ideas in order to best interpret and anticipate stylistic trends, contributing to their diffusion and affirmation on the market.

Service and business sectors

Our team and professional network offer the capability to understand varying needs to ensure the prompt and thorough satisfaction of market requests.

EMU has developed numerous projects worldwide in a diverse set of business sectors including:

  • – Food Service / Fast Food Chains
  • – Stadiums / Arenas
  • – Golf Clubs
  • – Gardens / Parks
  • – Education / Museums
  • – Gyms / Wellness
  • – Corporate / Coworking Outdoor
  • – Malls / Hubs / Airports
  • – Real Estate / Developers
  • – Cruiseship / Yacht


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Author: alaire
Monday, May 16th 2022
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