Gathering around the table in style.

Dining spaces that are an invitation to stay.

Formal or casual, large or intimate, the dining room continues to be a very important space in any home – it’s the stage for special occasions and everyday gatherings, for entertaining with style and feeling welcome to stay as long as you like. Multifunctional and marvelous, it’s time to give the dining room the design love it deserves.

The perfect atmosphere for any entertaining occasion.

Dining Tables

The heart of a dining room, the table will be the memory-holder of cool parties and romantic dinners, of creating beautifully decorated tablescapes, lighting candles and clinking glasses. Book your dream table with us.

Armchairs & Side Chairs

Once the table has been decided, the décor fun continues with the selection of chairs, armchairs and side chairs – whether you mix & match, go traditional or think completely outside the box, there will be a designer seat at the table for everyone.


Even the dining room requires storage space and, luckily, someone invented streamlined sideboards that are not only beautiful to look at, but perfect for organizing your precious dinnerware, cutlery and glassware. Now that’s a luxurious piece of dining room furniture.


Designing a dining room is a floor to ceiling project, and looking down is just as important as looking up – incorporating rugs in this space is a great way to define areas, add interesting textures and a pop of color, while also creating a more comfortable setting. You’re welcome.


Dining in should be a complete experience: tasty, cozy, curated. Which means decorating a dining room with everything it deserves: a charming centerpiece, a trendy tray, cool candlesticks, terrific textiles, art, plants, coffee table books… make it iconic, make it inviting.


Suspended directly above the table, on the sideboard or standing tall on the floor, having different lighting options in the dining room means being able to set the mood according to the occasion. Reservation for how many?

Ready to entertain the idea of a brand new dining space?

Let’s get this décor project started: together we’ll design and execute the dining room you never knew you needed. All you have to do is start organizing the housewarming party.

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