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The Fatboy original, created by Finnish Jukka Setälä for the Dutch market, is the first conception of the bean bag as we know it today. Next to the high quality and durability of its covers and processing, it is the filling of the Fatboy bean bag chair that makes all the difference: high-grade, especially fine styrofoam pellets perfectly adapt to the body, offer sufficient stability, and are very lightweight and even have a warming effect.

After only 10 years since its appearance, the original Fatboy bean bag chair has reached an iconic status. Sympathetic, timeless, unique, comfortable, and always in a new outfit, a Fatboy bean bag chair turns every dry room into an inviting lounge area. Alare offers Fatboy’s wide range of colourful bean bags, comfortable loungers, magical hammocks, and super-relaxed dog beds.

Both designed for convenience and joyful eyes, made for relaxing and enjoying the comforts of life.

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