Luxurious outdoor living starts here.
Luxurious outdoor living starts here.
Luxurious outdoor living starts here.
Pure happiness is living outdoors in Portugal.
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An obsession called cooking outdoors.
Heat, grill, eat
Everything is unique when you're happy and carefree.
See you outside
We'll save you a place in the shade.
The perfect parasol
Cooking outdoors with style, flavour and fun.
We meet by the fire
Living outdoors, living outside the box.
Making room for life

Does your outdoor space need a breath of fresh air?

Outdoor living has become a way of life, in tune with fresh air, wellness, and Mother Nature. An extension of our homes, where we can relax and go barefoot, where we can entertain and enjoy every moment, where we can escape our everyday routine. 

We’re all about outdoor inspiration and luxury, expertly combining the most recent design trends with comfortable and functional furniture solutions. We’re experts in creating true open-air havens… all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy.


We all deserve to live in and enjoy a beautiful space.
Especially if you’re still designing your decorating project and want to try out a few items before committing fully.
Especially if you need to decorate a space for a personal or professional event.


When the sun shines brightly, find shelter under the shade offered by Alaire products. Enjoy moments of serenity and freshness in your outdoor space, protected from the glare of the sun, while enjoying the unrivalled quality and design of Alaire shade products.


We’re passionate about the outdoors and all the wonderful moments it brings, especially cooking. Any excuse is a great excuse to fire up the grill, grill some fantastic food, toast a cold drink and share an evening of fun and flavour with friends and family. Cooking outdoors – there’s nothing more appetising.


Lighting is more than simply providing light; it’s about creating atmospheres, emphasising details and transforming spaces. Whether it’s to highlight the beauty of a work of art or to create a cosy atmosphere on a quiet evening, the right lighting makes all the difference. Explore the possibilities, play with tones and intensities, and see how light can completely transform your space, making it truly captivating.


Details make all the difference, and the right accessories can transform a simple space into something truly extraordinary. Experiment, mix and match, and discover how small details can have a big impact.


On cold days or cool nights, nothing beats the comforting warmth provided by Alaire heating products. Let our products warm up not only your environment, but also your moments, creating a cosy atmosphere that invites you to get together, share stories and enjoy good company.

Onde o design e a funcionalidade se encontram com uma vida de sonho ao ar livre

Fugir para o exterior.
Criar um oásis incrível ao ar livre.

Está na altura de tornar esse sonho realidade.

Quando se trata de soluções incríveis para o exterior, a nossa equipa de especialistas está pronta para o ajudar a criar o jardim, pátio ou terraço com que sempre sonhou.

O nosso estilo de assinatura espera por si.

Descubra a nossa seleção de produtos online ou marque uma reunião para discutir soluções para a sua casa.

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