Outdoor and indoor furniture solutions to make you feel at home.
Hospitality solutions to enhance beautiful spaces.
Delight your customer with exceptional decoration solutions.
Home Staging & Furniture Rental

Projects by Alaire

Home Staging and Furniture Rental

Setting the stage for renting or selling your property starts with Alaire. We have been designing and decorating emblematic spaces for over 25 years, which means we know exactly how to bring a home to life, giving personality and exclusivity to each room. And that means you will get exactly what you deserve: a property with added value, which stands out from the crowd and which will end up being sold or rented quickly.

Deliveries and Assembly

Don’t worry. We take care of it for you. We provide a personalized delivery and assembly service throughout the country.
We have a specialized and trained team ready to offer you an excellent service. We deliver quality in the form of a dream and nothing makes us happier than preparing your order, delivering it to your home and leaving everything to your liking.
Enjoy fantastic moments.


After-sales, we carry out all the maintenance of your furniture, from wood treatment, changing parasols fabrics, metal cleaning, accessories replacing, etc.
Count on a team of professionals ready to leave your furniture looking new and full of life.


At Alaire we organize and manage your own event, from private parties to corporate groups. Throughout the year we provide moments of celebration and sharing for our customers, where we present new products, thus offering a wide range of product training from brands represented exclusively in Portugal. Count on an internal team of excellent professionals who strive to welcome you, ensuring your event is a success.