Extraordinary Outdoor Dining Sets and Tools

Most popular outdoor dining sets and tools to make your next open-air dining an unforgettable experience

Author: alaire

Friday, August 17th 2018

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Extraordinary Outdoor Dining Sets and Tools

There is nothing like taking your gathering outside onto the terrace, deck, garden or patio, especially when the weather is delightful. Whether you’re enjoying of a BBQ with friends, a cup of coffee with a close friend, a family weeknight dinner, or a celebration with all your family and friends, Alaire has the outdoor dining sets and tools to suit any occasion. In addition, you’ll find outdoor furniture in a wide variety of colors, styles, and finishes to complement your overall outdoor decor.

Review in this article, our most popular outdoor dining sets and tools to make your next open-air dining an unforgettable experience.



At Alaire we truly understand that having a nice space to sit and relax while enjoying a delicious meal is best when the right dining set and the tools are in place. This is why we provide our customers with a beautiful selection of brands of outdoor furniture for dining. These brands have dining seating and tables ranging in size and seating capacity, to a variety of materials and colors to mesh wonderfully with any outdoor living area.

Whether the dining set is for use during weekday meals or for larger outdoor gatherings and parties, our premium quality crafted furniture serves the purpose of style, comfort, and function. In addition, as many people work toward creating an outdoor living space that acts as an extension of the interior of the home, we offer pieces that can be used both for the indoors and the outdoors. (See more about this trend in the article: The Indoor and Outdoor Integrated Space). Now, to inspire you with ideas, let’s have a look at these popular outdoor dining sets and tools.

Timeless outdoor dining

The timeless outdoor dining sets are generally made to seat four people or more.  They come with seating like chairs or benches and in some cases, may include chair cushions and an umbrella. These sets are a classic choice for your outdoor space and come in a vast selection of styles to please every taste.



Outdoor Dining at Alaire, Mesas e cadeiras de Jardim Alaire, Mobiliario de Jardim

Outdoor Dining at Alaire by Dedon


Bistro outdoor dining

Designed for a cozy cup of coffee or a shared bottle of wine, bistro patio dining sets create an intimate seating space with a minimal footprint. These sets feature a small table and two coordinating chairs for a look that is reminiscent of your favorite French bistro.



Bistro tables by Tribu at Alaire, Mobiliario Exterior Portugal, Mobiliario de Jardim

Bistro tables by Tribu at Alaire


Patio bar sets

Bring the party outside with patio bar sets that are ideal for entertaining. These sets include a counter-height table and coordinating bar stools or chairs so you can gather with friends for celebrations or conversation.


Gervasoni Outdoor Furniture Alaire, Alaire Mobiliario exterior, Mobiliario de Jardim

Gervasoni Outdoor Furniture at Alaire


Living and dining with low-center tables

Living rooms are often the center of our social life. A special place that hosts entertainment, chats or just the place where we can spend some quality time. More than just contributing to the unique appearance of your spaces, a center table can also be designed for a great dining experience.



Kama Collection, Dining table by Ego Paris at Alaire

Kama Collection by Ego Paris at Alaire



Gas, Charcoal grills, and BBQ Accessories

At Alaire there’s a grill for everyone. We answer to the needs of gas, charcoal or electric grills that last for more than a lifetime, and that’s exactly why we choose the best brands at Alaire, among some of these brands, Weber & Broil King for grills and Dutch Deluxes for BBQ Accessories.


Gas Grills for Outdoor Dining Alaire, Mobiliario de Jardim

Gas Grills for Outdoor Dining by Broil King at Alaire



BBQ Accessories, Dutch Deluxes by Alaire - Outdoor Furniture Piortugal, mobiliario Exterior, mobiliario de jardim

BBQ Accessories, Dutch Deluxes at Alaire


Different table and chair height

Dining tables and chairs are no longer just one height. You have the option to choose between standard, counter, low, or bar height from many different collections, styles and brands at Alaire.  This allows you to create a dining space that will show off your personality and meet your entertaining needs. Small dining spaces can still look stylish with the use of round or square tables and counter height tables and coordinating chairs. Completely redesign your outdoor dining with a warm, classic feel for family meals or use a taller table to set up a casual gathering space for friends.


Different Height Tables by Dedon at Alaire

Different Height Tables by Dedon at Alaire


What is your favorite dining set?

This was just a sampling of the garden and outdoor dining sets available at Alaire. Take a look around and you will find sets in every size–small enough for intimate conversation, large enough for big family parties, and every size in between. You’ll also discover a wide range of materials like premium wood, wicker, wrought iron, and rich natural stone. They come in countless finishes to suit your personal style and outdoor space. No matter which the garden dining set you choose, you will love the beauty they bring to your terrace, deck, garden or patio.
At Alaire, we make sure you always have many options for your outdoor design. We have a wide range of outdoor dining sets available so you’re able to find what’s right for your taste and budget. There’s never been a better time to dine in open. See more options for outdoor dining in our Brands & Products. Also, don’t miss our amazing and limited Summer Sales. Start living your dream outdoors!
Author: alaire
Friday, August 17th 2018
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