Feel the Freedom with KIDA

Dedon's newest hanging chair

Author: alaire

Thursday, March 25th 2021

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Discover the new Kida and feel the freedom

There is nothing better than feeling the freedom while relaxing and being touched by a gentle breeze in the face.


Alaire is delighted to present the latest novelty, KIDA, Dedon’s new hanging lounge chair. Wrapped in 834 meters of Dedon Fiber Touch, rather than woven in the traditional style, KIDA was designed by Stephen Burks to be delightful not only to look at but also to use.

Its cradle-like, organic form, which is open, airy, light, and inviting, has a comfortable cushion, which covers the entire seating area, and will make you feel, in Burks’s own words, “as free as the breeze” when swinging.

 Working closely and in collaboration with Dedon’s master weavers in the Philippines, Stephen Burks wanted to reinvent the hanging chair. As a result, he developed a design that will make you look and feel less enclosed while comfortably laying back.
“The magic of being in the factory and challenging everybody to find unfamiliar ways of doing things that give a fresh and uniquely DEDON feeling to the collection is always my mission,” Burks says.

KIDA Hanging Chair By DEDON

KIDA is lightweight yet exceptionally sturdy, thanks to its powder-coated aluminum frame. Wrapped with Dedon Fiber Touch, it is available in three striped colorways.


KIDA Collection

Glow Touch: An inviting mélange that exudes a fun and playful character.

Ease Touch – Elegant and neutral bicolor focuses the attention on KIDA’s form.

Dusk Touch – Striking contrast through its accented and dark colorway. 

Discover the new Kida and feel the freedom – View the catalogue here!

Feel the Freedom with KIDA


KIDA provides a place to sit, swing, and relax. Whether attached to its optional base or suspended using the included hanging kit.


Who is Stephen Burks?

Stephen Burks is both a traveler and a designer. He also won the 2015 Cooper Hewitt National Design Awards in Product Design category,

For over a decade, he dedicated his work to building a bridge between authentic craft traditions, and contemporary design.

Since 2005, Burks has consulted with nonprofits including Aid to Artisans, the Clinton Global Initiative, Design Network Africa, Artesanias de Colombia, and the Nature Conservancy, uniting the artisan, the designer, and global brands in a triangle of immersive development.

With his New-York based studio, Burks has produced innovative products, furniture, lighting, and exhibitions for a range of international clients. 


Taking outdoor furniture to the next level, creating Icons for the outdoors

Bobby Dekeyser founded DEDON in 1990. With an innovative, weatherproof synthetic fiber, the company created a new kind of woven outdoor furniture that combined modern technology with luxurious hand-craftsmanship. A search for the world’s best weavers led DEDON to Cebu Island in the Philippines. Trial and error marked the early years, but the uniqueness of the product, the weaving artistry, and the company’s obsession with the quality have set DEDON apart from the beginning.

DEDON was born out of a love of the outdoors, a willingness to think differently, and a relentless pursuit of quality. More than 25 years and 1000 employees later, not that much has changed.

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Author: alaire
Thursday, March 25th 2021
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