Grilling through the Fall

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Friday, October 2nd 2020

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Keeping your Barbecue in tip top shape will allow you to keep grilling outdoors all year long

The long hot days of summer are drawing to a close but that doesn’t mean your grilling season has to end. However, after a summer of outdoor entertaining, it is likely your barbecue has been put through it’s paces. And is in need of some regular maintenance and cleaning care.

Regular and thorough cleaning of the hard-working parts of your barbecue translates to prolonged life. Also, enhanced performance of grills, giving you the chance to enjoy cooking in the outdoors for longer.

Different skills for different Grills

Although charcoal continues to be a popular choice for barbecue enthusiasts. Gas and electric grills are becoming ever more popular due to their added convenience. And pellet grills are a new addition to the offering, providing a more environmentally-conscious fuel option.

Cleaning & Maintenance of the Grills

Whichever grill you own, chances are the main sections that need attention are the cooking parts. This is where food, grease, carbonised material and moisture can accumulate. Regular brushing down after and before cooking is the ideal way to keep this dirt under control.

However, we recommend a deep and more thorough cleaning after periods of intense usage to avoid build-up of this dirt and to ensure its best performance.

While your barbecues inner elements are subject to the most intense usage, there is great advantage too in cleaning and maintaining the outer surfaces of your barbecue, especially if you plan to use a protective cover in the winter months.

Cleaning the burners of a Gas Grills

Gas grills have a particular cleaning requirement to ensure that the burners maintain their full heating potential. If these elements are not properly maintained, it can result in uneven heat distribution or even insufficient heating capacity.

It’s a hidden issue that can be difficult to identify and resolve, but our professional maintenance team can help with a full pre-maintenance evaluation.

Choosing the right tools makes the job so much easier

It’s important to remember that using the right products and techniques is critical to avoid rusting or calcification, which may happen if products with inappropriate chemicals are used to clean a barbecue.

Leading brands Weber and Broil King have a wide selection of cleaning tools such as brushes and scrapers to help make the task of cleaning easier and more efficient. Even more importantly, they offer the appropriate cleaning and maintenance solutions for all types of grills and surfaces.

Your Cleaning Arsenal

To do a great cleaning, we suggest: a good brush, cleansing and de-greasing solutions and conditioning oil.

6 Steps to a Clean Grills

1 – Routine cleaning is recommended after 10 or so grilling sessions. It would take about an hour.

2 – Turn your grill on to maximum temperature and close the lid. The high heat helps to loosen the cooked-on grease. You will likely notice some smoke which is normal as the fat burns. Continue burning at high heat until the smoke dissipates;

3 – Before starting the next phase, it is essential to make sure that the grill has cooled significantly. In the case of gas grills, it is important disconnect from the gas source. In the case of electric to unplug from the mains;

4 – Once cooled, apply the grid cleaner, leave it to activate for 30 seconds. Then use the brush to clean vigorously along and between the griddle lines, before removing any additional dirt with a damp cloth and finishing with a dry cloth;

5 – Remove all loose parts from inside the grill and clean these the same way. In the case of the gas grills, it might be necessary to clean the holes on the burners to allow the steady flow of gas;

6 – Finally, let’s not forget the exterior of your grill. It’s as simple as using a damp cloth and mild cleaning products to remove grease and dirt from the enamel or stainless steel parts.

Grills Tips

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Author: alaire
Friday, October 2nd 2020
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