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Home Staging & Rental

Home Staging

Setting the stage for the rental or sale of your property starts with Alaire.
We’ve been designing and decorating iconic spaces for over 25 years, which means we know exactly how to bring a home to life, infusing personality and exclusivity to each room. And that means you’ll get exactly what you deserve: a property with added value, that stands out from the crowd, and will ultimately sell or rent quickly.

Why Home Staging?

A beautiful space is welcoming
It’s always ready to be visited
It stands out from its competitors
It supports the realtor
Greater value: +7%-10% in the negotiation process
Sells 3 times faster
Attracts more clients
Boosts local accommodation occupancy rate

Your space, our stage


The 1st visit

The first visit ensures our team gets a feel for the space and understands the intended decor vibe and its main goal.


The 2nd visit

Our team is ready to get to work: the space is duly photographed, measured and a list of all the necessary furniture and decor pieces is compiled.


The concept

We’ve set the stage for your property and our presentation includes the moodboard that inspired us, the project we designed, the proposed layout and decor scheme.


The solution

Before the final decision regarding the rental of furniture and decor pieces, we’ll adjust any requested details.


The final result

The completed solution is set up and staged by our experienced team – say hello to your new and marketable space!

Furniture Rental

Furniture & decor rental.
So many possibilities.
All of them exclusive.


Everyone deserves to live in and enjoy a beautiful space.
Especially if you’re new to the country, are not yet completely settled or are awaiting the arrival of your belongings.
Especially if you’re still designing your decor project and want to try out some items before you fully commit.
Especially if you need to decorate a space for a personal or professional event.

Why Furniture Rental?

Switch up your decor however and whenever you want to
A great way to test-drive special pieces of furniture and decor
Easily create a unique event or party
Avoid waiting lists and delays
A professional team to deliver, set-up, pick-up and remove

Our furniture, your home or event


The 1st visit

Our team visits the space to understand the intended design vibe and its objective, to photograph it, measure it, and compile a list of all the decor needs.


Our proposal

Alaire presents its fee for the solicited furniture and decor rental project.


The 2nd visit

If necessary, our team returns to the space to collect any missing information and finalize any last details.


The project

Assessment of available stock, creation of a moodboard, followed by the design project, which is then presented, alongside the rental fee for each piece.


The set-up

Once approved, each piece of furniture and decor item is transported and set up by our experienced team – we hope you enjoy your new designer space!

Home Staging & Rental by Alaire
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Decor, style, peace of mind.

Whether you’re interested in Home Staging or Furniture Rental, our experienced team always provides exceptional design and superior service. Because every space deserves nothing less.