How to design an outdoor space

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Author: alaire

Wednesday, April 13th 2022

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Summer is around the corner, and we come around to the question, “How to design an outdoor space?”

Fear not, Unopiù has something to say about this!


The Spring ushers in a wave of newness. The air becomes warmer and, this beautiful season brings with it the desire to spend as much time as possible outdoors. How can we best enjoy the rebirth of outdoor living?
Designing a personal oasis of relaxation is the perfect solution for creating a safe haven within your outdoor space. A place to relax or spend some time with family and friends, enjoy a meal or simply spend a few hours immersed in simple pleasures like reading.
But how easy is it to obtain some privacy and relaxation space in our home?

We just need to start with careful planning, and evaluate the features that exist to work with and exploit, as this type of project requires special attention to all the outdoor considerations.

Here are some straightforward rules and tips on how to design a perfect terrace:


Define the style

An outdoor space should be the extension of our home, so seek harmony and continuity regarding the style. Colour palettes and materials in common will help you maintain a sense of harmony and uniformity between indoor and outdoor living.
If however, the goal is to create an independent refuge, then we should opt for a design that moves away from the interior.


Respect your needs

Answering the question “What do I need?” is the first step. Poolside lounging, a sitting room, or a patio for small receptions and meals? The size of the available area will guide the choice of major pieces. Our needs may change depending on the available outdoor space we have, the season or family needs.


Get inspired

Take a look at our catalogues for inspiration, use Pinterest to create your mood board, or ask Alaire to give you a hand with project design, mood board, and layout of your space.
Cover your home and terrace with the typical colours of summer, play with the neutral base of wood, use the green of nature and integrate them as a fundamental part of your decor.


Choose the right materials

Choose weather-resistant and easy-to-maintain materials. Safe choices are the timeless classics such as teak, mahogany, Nordic pine, aluminium, iron, stainless steel etc. Less maintenance means more time for fun and enjoyment, to make the most of the good weather and relax more often.


Look for harmony

Respect the proportions between vegetation and furnishings, neither element should overpower the other. Therefore, reduce or adapt bulkier plants or larger structures with respect to the square meters of the area you want to design. This is your oasis for rest. External harmony is essential to finding the same within.


Don’t forget the shade

When designing your outdoor space, do not forget to think about shaded areas. Taking advantage of vegetation and plants is very useful for this purpose and could be the ideal setting for a comfortable hammock. In addition to plants, depending on the orientation of a terrace, you may consider possible shades that protect you from wind, sun, or rain without having to give up a few hours of rest and relaxation. Canopies, verandas, and pergolas can provide shade and good shelter, while garden umbrellas can offer practical and less bulky solutions.


Remember to take your time to define your priorities according to your outdoor needs, and also to plan what fits best with your space. By following these simple rules you will be able to design a unique and enjoyable outdoor space.

Meanwhile, if you need guidance, you can rely on Alaire’s team of design and furniture experts throughout the entire process.

Author: alaire
Wednesday, April 13th 2022
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