Moments of tranquility, connection and fascination are what matter most in life ENQUIRE NOW Redefining Outdoor Luxury Focus on the design and creation of luxury outdoor furniture. ENQUIRE NOW Manutti's Mission Savour your outdoor space with furniture designed to fit right in. ENQUIRE NOW Manutti's Design We work with internal and external designers, craftspeople and suppliers who all share the same goal: superior quality. ENQUIRE NOW Manutti's Quality

Redefining outdoor luxury
Moments of tranquility, connection and fascination are what matter most in life

MANUTTI - Redefining the outdoor luxury - Mission


For almost two decades, Manutti has focussed on the design and creation of luxury outdoor furniture as distinctive as our customers. All of our iconic tables, chairs, footrests, loungers and sofas incorporate the colors of the natural world and entice people to gather with their friends and families in luxury at any time of the day.

MANUTTI - Redefining the outdoor luxury - Marvel of technical complexity


Each creation is tailored to the customer experience. Our thorough research, open mindedness and insatiable creative curiosity encourage us to constantly seek the latest developments in technology and design. Manutti is a frontrunner in the use of imitation leather upholstery and finishing with fine stitching in complementary colours. We collaborate with top external designers, craftspeople and suppliers who offer superior quality. This is how Manutti has made its mark as a true trendsetter known for shaping the market for exclusive outdoor furniture.

MANUTTI - Redefining the outdoor luxury


At Manutti, we believe that both innovation and artisanal skill are needed to design truly groundbreaking luxury outdoor furniture solutions. Our products harmoniously combine traditional craftsmanship with new technologies and are inspired by the warmth and colour of their natural surroundings. While each piece is distinctive, they all share timeless appeal that invites people to spend any time of the day outside in luxury, bathing in light and surrounded by an authentic ambience.

MANUTTI - Redefining the outdoor luxury


Our experienced artisans manually refine and treat the carefully selected materials of our pieces using pioneering techniques. Carefully executed finishings give our black teak elements their eye-catching alternation between glossy and matte textures, and all rope seating elements are woven by hand. Thanks to our ceaseless attention to detail, each piece of furniture radiates just the right amount of elegance, drama and power.

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Manutti - Kobo Collection


NEW! Timeless in style, Kobo chairs and sofas constitute a marvel of technical complexity. Kobo’s secret? A structure made entirely of hand-woven rope around a welded aluminium frame. The curved lines of the armchair and full-length sofa are combined with deep, plush seating for extreme comfort. Know more!

Manutti - Radius Collection


NEW! The unique, airy design of the Radius chair, footstool, lounge chair and sofa collection is perfect for exquisite moments of warmth and closeness. The wrap-around back and armrests, made entirely out of rope, blend seamlessly and give each piece a neomodern yet timeless look and feel. Keep it sober or opt for matching backrest cushions designed for optimal seating comfort for long get-togethers.
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Our skilled designers find their inspiration in the allure, beauty and vibrancy of everyday environments. Based on our most inspiring settings, we have crafted a series of moods in materials, colors and designs to match your fancy, from urban to rustic, poolside to seaside. Savour your outdoor space with furniture designed to fit right in.


MANUTTI - Redefining the outdoor luxury


A Manutti experience is a moment of joy and cosiness under the sky. Warmth and luxury for everyone, everywhere: from sunrise till sunset.
Manutti pieces are more than furniture. They are the canvas on which you’ll create cosy and congenial moments. They are for everyone, every moment, and wherever in the world you may be.

MANUTTI - Redefining the outdoor luxury


Our exclusive pieces are true originals and destined to become icons. At the same time, we keep your everyday needs in mind. Each design is well-considered and consciously aligns with the practical aspects of life. We have added a graceful element of softness that will bring you into harmony with the present moment.

MANUTTI - Redefining the outdoor luxury


Step outside. Feel the warmth on your skin and enjoy the presence of your loved ones. At Manutti we believe in the beauty of outdoor spaces and their power to connect us. Our pieces are designed to inspire you to spend unforgettable moments outside with friends and family, at any time of the day, from dawn to dusk.



Enjoy the peacefulness of country life in cosy, rustic surroundings. Look around and find yourself in a world that’s both dreamlike and authentic. Sit back and relax in the comfort of your outdoor furniture, which combines the natural strength of rope, teak and ceramics with warm, earthy tones that blend gently together. Trim your lush chairs, loungers and sofas with royal cushions that fuse solid fabrics with subtle structures and muted colours: terracotta, pale red, grey, beiges and brown. Add a touch of emerald green for a bolder look and feel.


Embrace the urban vibe: chill, comfy and vibrant. Explore the grandeur and excitement of city life, with its grand boulevards, open squares and dazzling architecture. Your urban outdoor furniture combines vigorous natural elements, such as rope, teak and ceramics, with relaxing cooler shades that symbolise the growing synergy between city and nature. Swanky sofas, loungers and lounge chairs are matched with cosy cushions in silver, grey, anthracite and black hues.


Picture the sand between your toes. You are relaxing at the seaside with only the sound of the waves to guide you. Inspired by the ocean and the sand, swayed by supple rope, seaborne colours, and weathered wood, your outdoor furniture is both modern and timeless. Mix and match a soft flint base with a natural teak tabletop, or spice things up with a variant in pepper. Grey travertine ceramic with brown accents generates a ‘ton-sur-ton’ effect that blends perfectly with the natural surroundings, while the concrete ceramic brings a more contemporary look to your outdoor experience.


Imagine yourself floating under a radiant sun, listening to the sounds of joyful summer tunes and splashing water by the poolside. Characterised by the fusion of robust materials with royal nautical colours, your poolside furniture is sure to inspire and catalyse. Finish off your light metallic or white frame with silver ropes or aluminium that match with minimalist surroundings and pearly white, concrete settings. Or, opt for the lava variant for a more sophisticated flair.


Slide Kumo Pouf Milestone Slide Zendo Loung Chair Slide Minus High Dining Table Lava Slide Torsa Dining Table Nero Slide Torsa Dining Table Teak Slide Flex Right Corner Slide Flex Middle Slide Siena Armchair Slide Liner Chair Slide Duo Chair Slide Radius Chair Slide Solid Armchair Slide Liner Lounger Slide Zendo Lounger Slide Elements Concept Slide Cascade Daybed Slide Radius Chaise Longue Slide Kobo Lounger Slide Liner Chair


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