Now introducing the best outdoor furniture in Comporta

Alaire opens the doors of its new showroom

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Thursday, June 14th 2018

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Now welcoming the best outdoor furniture in Comporta

Have you ever dreamt of endless white sand beaches in the midst of dense forests and the Atlantic ocean? With the sound of waves crashing at the end, a few horses in the distance, a beach cafe, chilled ambient music, and beautifully designed interiors and exteriors? That is living in Comporta; a real oasis, just 1 hour from Lisbon. Now welcoming Alaire’s outdoor furniture in Comporta.

Many of Alaire’s outdoor lifestyle brands are the embodiment of an easy and chic beach-living that is the essence of Comporta. Therefore, to enrich the area with outstanding outdoor and indoor designs, Alaire is opening the doors to its fabulous showroom in Comporta this June.

Follow our story in this idyllic location, and discover how Alaire’s outdoor solutions are the perfect fit for the Comporta region.

Alaire’s story in Comporta

After a year of high receptivity in Cascais of Alaire’s outdoor furniture, and a great success in developing outdoor/indoor professional and hospitality projects in Portugal, Alaire’s founders – Annabel and Ilan Feld – decided to expand their horizons further. The perfect place for this expansion was a region that truly enjoys outdoor living. This naturally had to be Comporta.

Ever since Alaire’s founders, Annabel and Ilan Feld, first visited the region of Comporta, they fell in love with its raw beauty and in/out lifestyle. They greatly appreciate its simple character, yet with exquisite taste, and also its discretion, yet with trendiness and charm. Above all, it is this character of Comporta that Annabel and Ilan genuinely relate to.

Alaire’s first steps in Comporta included collaborating in the outdoor living spaces for the much fêted Sublime Hotel. It was in a close working relationship with the hotel owner that Alaire custom-made furniture designs for this beautiful hotel. For this, we used these tailored pieces mainly for the outdoor spaces and added a refreshing contrast to the rest of the decor.

Also, the fact that Comporta is a great place to relax and be inspired, by pure countryside and some of the best beaches of Southern Europe, makes it the perfect setting to spend quality time outside. Inevitably, as the area grew, there was a need for an outdoor design specialist in the area. Alaire’s founders determined to create a beautiful showroom for exceptional outdoor living projects in Comporta.

A perfect fit for Comporta’s style

Brands that we carry at Alaire offer a perfect fit for Comporta living, such as Gervasoni, with its quirky and rustic aesthetics. In fact, Gervasoni is one of the most prominent brands in our outdoor project at Sublime Hotel and also in other locations in Comporta such as Casas na Areia.

Alaire has carefully selected from its brand portfolio to bring the best designs to fit Comporta living: DedonTribu, ManuttiEMULes JardinsWeber, and Glatz, only to name a few. You will find a variety of outdoor and indoor furniture and some additional accessories all with a story to tell.

Indoor Outdoor Living (In/Out)

For Alaire,  Comporta is all about spending unforgettable and countless outdoor moments as comfortable as if they were happening indoors. In fact, merging indoor and outdoor spaces is what many of our brands excel at doing. Alaire brings together a clever combination of materials, shapes, and colours to make In/Out collections not only for outdoor use, but also seamlessly working for indoor spaces too

Custom-made projects and Design Support

From the smallest terrace to the largest sundeck, Alaire offers exclusive solutions to transform every space, whether at home or in a hotel or restaurant, into an oasis of comfort and relaxation. We provide custom-made solutions with outdoor living expertise and fully guaranteed products. Our team continuously supports our clients with design and living oriented advice, and immediate response to service inquiries.

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Author: alaire
Thursday, June 14th 2018
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