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Octant Hotels Douro

Octant Hotels Douro

Alaire was chosen to refurbish the outdoor spaces of this special hotel project in Northern Portugal. The Octant Hotels Douro cascade down the vineyard-like terraces to the winding Douro River and every corner, inside and out, is designed to make the most of these breathtaking views.

The outdoor furniture by Belgian brand Diphano was chosen in a neutral color palette, deliberately allowing the dramatic scenery to dominate. The seated lounge areas and room terraces become even more inviting with Diphano’s Newport collection chairs and elegant teak tables, in natural hues that blend harmoniously with the earthy tones of the hillside: a peaceful union of luxury and nature.

The elegance of teak dominates in the restaurant terrace, setting a timeless tone. However, the streamlined design of Diphano’s teak tables and Portland chairs in aluminium and rope bring a modern twist. From dining room to terrace, at Octant Hotels Douro’s restaurant, indoor and outdoor blend as seamlessly as the winding river and hillside.

The hotel’s solarium is the outdoor centerpiece, sitting low on a split-level wooden deck designed to make the most of the jaw-dropping landscape. Poolside guests can embrace the tranquility of their surroundings perched above the wide waterway. Elegant pool loungers and cushions, also from Diphano’s Newport range, combine with signature Glatz Alu Smart parasols and bases, providing some much needed shade from the summer sun while robust enough to withstand the humid winters on the river. Guests can relax comfortably, floating gently above the water.