Parasol – Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

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Wednesday, November 11th 2020

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Tips to keep your parasol flawless for longer

Did you know that your Parasol can be used all year, to protect you from the sun during spring/summer and to shelter you from the rain in autumn/winter? Depending on the dimensions of the parasol some models offer a solution to add lighting and/or heating.

However, over time, signs of wear can become apparent, especially in the fabric. To minimize or avoid wear and tear, regular parasol maintenance is recommended.

Different customers, different solutions:

To approach different needs, Glatz offers many solutions. Through various dimensions, types of fabric and colors, accessories, and features. This brand with sophisticated technical solutions make its parasols simple to handle and excellent for anyone.

Prevent, treat, and fight the “enemies”:

Unless your parasol is always closed, sheltered, or covered, it is natural that exposure to the sun, moisture, wind, and even dirt or wear. However, there are recommendations you can follow to properly care for your parasol.

Base & Support Tube – Complementary accessories for your parasol

For greater strength and stability in any parasol, it is highly recommended that you purchase the appropriate base and support tube as defined by the brand. Glatz parasols have been tested in wind tunnels according to certain base weights and for your safety, these guidelines should be followed.

  • Stainless steel – Fight corrosion?

Although stainless steel products respect the standard for outdoor industrial articles, they are subject to corrosion. To protect them is recommended to do the proper cleaning. First, remove dirt with a damp cloth and then wipe with a dry one. Subsequently, apply treatment products for stainless steel.

Parasol Glatz - Complementary Acessories

  • How to avoid stains?

To avoid the appearance of mold stains, make sure that the parasol is properly dry when closing it. The presence of moisture gives rise to mold and, as a consequence, it can turn the fabric yellowish, greenish, or brownish.

When using the parasol on winter days, allow it to air properly and dry completely. Only then, put on the protective cover and avoid wearing the fabric.

It is also important to note that the type of fabric class will influence resistance to the weather.

Did you know that it is possible to change the fabric of a parasol?

Find out more about this subject, visit our Showrooms and see the range and different categories of fabrics available.

Parasol Glatz - Fabrics

Care and cleaning parasol methods

In conclusion, follow the cleaning steps recommended by the brand, to always keep your parasol in excellent condition.

1) Fabric drying: Once again it is extremely important to remember that you should never keep fabrics rolled/folded for long periods if they’re wet. Let them dry completely to close the parasol.

2) Cleaning: Whenever possible, clean the fabric with a soft and dry brush. Removing the presence of insects, as well as dirt from animal fecal material, prevents micro-bacterial deterioration.

3) Stain removal: With warm water, a soft brush, and a detergent with PH 7 or more, remove the stains. Then rinse the fabric with water and let it dry.

4) Avoid marks and tears: When opening, closing and adjusting the parasol, do it over a wide area, to prevent it from touching the walls or getting caught in the structure. When closed, keep in mind that the fabric panels must face outwards to avoid damage caused by the rods. On days with higher wind, the recommendation is to keep it closed.

Is the fabric on your parasol already worn out and you’d like a refresh?

Take advantage of our Autumn Maintenance Campaign.

If your order a new fabric, Alaire offers the exchange service (labor), free of charge, as well as performing a full service of your parasol.

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Author: alaire
Wednesday, November 11th 2020
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