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Alaire has a complete range of outdoor and indoor furniture, with elegant and distinctive styles for all types of homes. Visit our welcoming showrooms in Sintra or Comporta – step into the beautiful world of design and décor to choose the products that catch your eye and complete your style. Browse our international brand catalogues and explore all our home inspirations.

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Consult our catalogues or visit our showrooms for inspiration and choose the furniture and décor items that meet your needs and match your style. We offer designer and contemporary solutions for every type of project. From day to night, from relaxation to entertainment. Create outdoor and indoor spaces with your own personal touch.

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When considering home living solutions, you should understand all your options: the layout of your space, the formats and sizes that will work perfectly, the best materials, the right accessories. We’ll help you answer all these questions, providing customized support throughout the entire design process.


Ready to order? Great! You can do so at one of our stores. Our team will respond quickly and efficiently, in order to ensure the delivery of your products and services. You’re so close to giving your home the magnificent life it deserves.


We’re adamant when it comes to furniture and accessories that are easy to maintain and built to last, because having more time to yourself and to fully enjoy life is what really matters.

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