The Indoor and Outdoor integrated space

Indoor and Outdoor Collection by Gervasoni in Alaire

Author: alaire

Wednesday, May 16th 2018

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The In & Out integrated space by Gervasoni

We increasingly seek to blur the lines between outdoor and indoor areas. At Alaire, our clients are increasingly turning to all weather furniture. Merging indoor and outdoor spaces is what Gervasoni, one of our exclusive brands, excels at doing.

A clever combination of materials, shapes, and colours characterises the InOut collection. This collection is not only thought for outdoor use – terraces, gardens, swimming-pools – but also for indoor fitting. Teak, ceramics, stone, aluminum, and hand woven polyethylene are the materials used and mixed to create this wide choice of chairs and tables, sofas, armchairs and other pieces of furniture.

About Gervasoni InOut

“There is a special awareness nowadays which is best expressed in the complementary combination of natural elements with more sophisticated, man-made products, an awareness which is anything but abstract or complex, but instead down-to-earth, simple and direct, capable of seamlessly matching the unpredictable variety of the mineral and organic world with the uniformity and rationality of high-tech products.” – Gervasoni

Gervasoni InOut Collection, created by designer Paola Navone, is enriched with new hybrid and multifunctional products that will blur the traditional separation between indoor and outdoor. This iconic collection stands out for versatility and comfort. The same features can be found in the new sofas, armchairs and tempered glass tabletop presented at Maison&Objet’s last winter edition.

Every InOut Collection item is designed to decor both outdoor and indoor spaces, in an informal yet refined way, using elegant and exotic solutions. Here is a brief description of the pieces by the Magazine Mohd50:

  • The InOut 621, InOut 622 and InOut 623 sofas are made of hand-woven natural kubu rattan shell that envelopes padded seat and cushions.
  • The InOut 865 chair, the 861 armchair, and the 863 chair are built of grey PVC. Seats are very comfortable and upholstered in water-repellent fabric. The sofas are also matched with the new InOut 626 coffee table, characterised by rounded shapes.
  • The InOut 419 armchair pairs a soft structure with a unique 3D covering that evokes a wooden texture. As a result, we have a chair with an ironic and playful shape.
  • The new Stone Dust finish for table tops, an innovative tempered glass tabletop that looks like natural stone. It’s incredibly resistant to outdoor conditions and therefore matches with all Gervasoni InOut Collection furniture.

Making of Gervasoni InOut

Gervasoni and Paola Navone have been working together for many years, developing an extraordinary idea of home: a place that’s open to new contaminations between different shapes and materials. Clear and natural colours characterise InOut Collection: white and grey, together with natural shades of wood, ceramics, stone and woven fibers. The result is a combination of imagination and functionality.



Come to experience more of Gervasoni products at Alaire Showroom.

Author: alaire
Wednesday, May 16th 2018
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