The ultimate indoor and outdoor design at Sublime Hotel in Comporta

Discover a beautiful example of hotel design by Alaire in Comporta

Author: alaire

Tuesday, March 27th 2018

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The ultimate indoor and outdoor design at Sublime Hotel

Get ready for the indoors to take over the outdoors. More now than ever, designers and architects seek for that seamless transition from your indoor spaces to your outdoors. In fact, in Alaire we frequently accomplish this transition with furniture and décor that looks for the interiors but withstands all weathers. And it is this seamless fusion what the fantastic Sublime Comporta wanted to achieve in its indoor and outdoor design. Alaire Comporta helped achieve this mission.

In the first place, Sublime is nestled on a stunning 17-acre estate, surrounded by undulating umbrella pines and cork trees, wild dunes, stunning rice fields and over 60km of pristine, white-sand beaches. This makes this hotel – a magical, unspoiled place yet to be discovered. Similarly, the hotel’s architecture finds its inspiration in the old rice storing facilities of the area. Nonetheless, in keeping with the essence of Comporta, the decor is sophisticated yet relaxed. The rooms and villas stretch across several buildings adding to the exclusivity of the hotel. These are the Main House, the Guest House, and the Villas. The hotel includes 14 bedrooms and suites as well as several 2, 3, 4 and five bedroom “cabana” villas.

Alaire indoor and outdoor design at Sublime Hotel Comporta

Despite Comporta’s laid-back, unpretentious atmosphere, the glimmer of an immense villa here and there among the trees indicates just what an exclusive area this can be. In that sense, in a close working relationship with the hotel owner, we custom-made modern designs for this idyllic location. We used these tailored pieces mainly for the outdoor spaces and added a refreshing contrast to the rest of the decor. We chose to use our Italian Brand Gervasoni extensively for indoor and outdoor, as its quirky and rustic design fits perfectly with the Comporta style.

While Comporta has been compared to Ibiza, St. Tropez, the Hamptons and even Yves St. Laurent’s Marrakesh, none of this is true. Comporta is different from all beach sites, precisely because it does not seem like it. And there’s still just one hotel in Comporta, and thankfully, it’s one that’s sublimely comfortable. That one isn’t only a lazy adverb. Sublime Comporta retreat truly lives up to its name.

In all, in this project, we fully supported Sublime Comporta, to retain its unique style and originality. Open spaces with bohemian and casual decoration, few furniture and glass walls to enjoy the landscape.

Author: alaire
Tuesday, March 27th 2018
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