Mobiliário em Notícia at Alaire Comporta

Interview with Paola Navone for Gervasoni in Comporta

Author: alaire

Friday, September 21st 2018

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Mobiliário em Notícia at Alaire Comporta

(Extrait of Mobiliário em Notícia Magazine)

Comporta is not only about heavenly beaches, good restaurants, and incredible hotels. Trade has boosted the town with the opening of shops that reflect its lifestyle: cool and hippie-chic. It is now the time for Alaire to settle here and to enrich this destination. Take a peek at this unique place right next door. Read on for an interview with Gervasoni’s designer, Paola Navone about Alaire in Comporta. The Magazine Mobiliário em Notícia at Alaire Comporta had a chance to interview the renowned designer about the new showroom.



Did you enjoy Comporta? What about the inauguration of the Alaire store?

Comporta is an incredible, wild and fascinating place. It was nice to meet Ilan, discover and share with him the passion for a simple and informal way of imagining life in the open air.

Is it a store that stands out? If yes, why?

For a nomad like me, it is beautiful to enter a space and find many little stories of the world told through objects. It perfectly matches Gervasoni’s mood.

In terms of design and architecture, what do you think about the space and the showroom?

The beauty of the space is its sophisticated and colorful simplicity that leads to dream a relaxing time in the open air. By the sea, in a special decor or wherever there is a piece of sky to enjoy.

Being a designer who loves to travel, is it in these adventures that you find inspiration when creating your pieces? How is the creation process?

The world is my source of inspiration. From my travels, I bring with me a lot of memories and feelings. They are there, in my head in a chaotic way. Then at the right time, they jump out spontaneously and take shape. A little magic that surprises me every time.

Why did you follow this path? Who is Paola Navone designer and architect? How you define yourself?

Everything in my life happened a little by chance, including my profession. I’ve always been a curious person and – maybe more like an eccentric “anthropologist of things” than a designer – I never stop looking around, searching for everything can feed my creativity. It’s my way of breathing.



Author: alaire
Friday, September 21st 2018
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